Closed Loop Testing

Closed Loop Testing – The purpose of sampling closed circuit water systems is to provide information about the current condition of that system and/or the water within it. That might include, but not limited to, water treatment status, water quality, bacteriological contamination and corrosion activity.

Closed loop systems are maintained by the use of water treatment chemicals, the objective of water treatment programmes in closed heating and cooling systems are to:

  • Maintain the system in a clean condition
  • Assist in maintaining system efficiency
  • Prolong system life
  • Reduce component failure
  • Ensure maximum system operation

Heating & Cooling systems are constructed with the use of many different types of materials and todays manufacturers are demanding specific water quality parameters for their equipment to ensure life expectancies and warranty periods, boilers and chillers are being manufactured using aluminium and stainless steel, which can lead to multiple metal systems, that if left untreated can start to give issues within a short period of time.

Protech Water Services offer closed loop maintenance to relevant British Standard which takes the form of guidance and recommendations for closed loop systems.

We also offer services in

System flushing – chemical cleaning – water filtration – system maintenance – Field testing – Labourite testing.

Chemical supply – chemical dosing – system monitoring – dosing equipment – system flushing pumps – PH Correction – Sampling.

Heating & chilled water quality is an essential part of all closed loop systems and the water testing is a low costs maintenance task, which can assist with system and equipment life expectancies and ensures optimum efficiencies of boilers and chillers.