Private Water Supply

What is a private water supply?

A private water supply may be defined as any water supply that is not provided by a statutory water undertaker and where the responsibility for its maintenance and repair lies with the owner or person who uses it. A private water supply can serve a single household and provide less than one cubic metre of water per day or it can serve many properties or commercial or industrial premises and provide 1000 m3/d or more. The water source could be a borehole, well, spring, lake, stream or river.

There are around 20,193 private supplies registered in Scotland. Private water supplies are defined as either:

  • Type A – Supplies serving 50 or more persons, or to commercial or public activities irrespective of size, or
  • Type B – Supplies serving only domestic premises

Private water supplies are prone to contamination from waterborne diseases, such as Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Giardia and E.coli, Private water supplies can also be contaminated from many sources such as farm animals, farming activity’s, wildlife and soil metals.

All private water supplies in Scotland must be registered with the local authority where the source of the supply is located.

Protect Water services offer services on all aspects of private water supplies;

  • Risk Assessment
  • Maintenance
  • Water Management
  • UV & Filter installation & Maintenance
  • Water Testing
  • System Surveys.